Four Pane Technology

4 Pane Diagram

Introducing our Four Pane Technology, gas filled double Low-E glass sealed units. Possibly the best 'A' rated window available. Here is how it works;

Outer pane

As well as energy efficiency, another very important feature is Security. Many window companies try and put as many bolts and locks on their windows as possible to try and impress the customer without any mention of the glass.

Lets face it, thieves usually break glass rather than try to jemmy locked casements open. A brick or stone from the garden is easier than carrying a crow bar. Toughened glass, although much harder to break than normal float glass, can break into tiny safe pieces when broken allowing a thief easy access to your home. Here at Energy Efficient Windows, all downstairs units (or upstairs units easily accessible from a flat roof etc.) will have our ultra thick 6.4mm security laminated glass as standard on the outer pane. Much like your car windscreen, laminated glass is two panes of glass wrapped around a clear high security film that 'blankets' when hit with a hammer offering so much more security than normal or toughened glass. This two pane laminated system is on the outside of your sealed unit. Because the glass is virtually impossible to break through, all habitable rooms are fitted with specially adapted fire hinges for easy escape in an emergency.

Middle pane

Saint-Gobain Glass

The middle pane of your window uses a SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL energy efficient glass system to reflect any heat back into the room giving excellent thermal insulation whilst maximising free solar heat gain which saves on energy and heating bills. This middle pane does its hard work by reducing noise pollution from air, train and road traffic, general street noise and noisy neighbours.

Inner pane

Together with  the middle pane, the inner pane also utilises the SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL energy efficient glass system giving you two layers of heat reflection in total.  This means More comfortable rooms with better insulation. There are  fewer cold spots as well as Less condensation — The inner surface of the glass stays warmer!  Unlike other brands of Low-E glass on the market there is Less of a tint to the glass giving clearer vision meaning curtains do not look dirty or discoloured .
SGG Planitherm total glass is Environmentally friendly, saves energy and protects the environment .

We can offer a wide range of energy efficient glass to suit your needs including tinted, self cleaning, anti solar and even mirrored or laquered glass!

Don't forget our 4 pane technology units are standard on all downstairs windows and accessible windows upstairs. All remaining windows are fitted with our triple glazed energy efficient units.

The CO2 reduction commission

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The CO2 reduction commission

Energy Efficient Windows are recognised by The CO2 reduction commission.

Featured in the new 2010 carbon reduction guide...

Featured in the new 2010 carbon reduction guide...